Aimlessly Wandering

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They named a chocolate bar after Henry. Too bad he can’t eat it. #RuffLife
Just hanging out… (at Petsmart)
Did I think I would be at a concert tonight? No! Am I happy? FOR SURE! #MUSICEQUALSLIFE (at The Danforth Music Hall)
I never know where my adventures will bring me… (at The Danforth Music Hall)
How sweet it is! Congrats team #ger  (at Zum Linzer)
We know who Henry is cheering for today… #ger
Go team #GER. Can’t wait to watch you slam #ARG (at Zum Linzer)
Hot dog in the city #sirhenrythejug  (at Yonge & Eglinton)
And what dog DOESNT like rolling around in the grass? #sirhenrythejug
Judging by his tongue hanging out and by his waging tail, I’d say our new pup Henry was happy when we took him for his first walk with us #SirHenryTheJug    (at Sunset Beach Park)